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Reviews & features: Mia Farrow

Dark Horse

12 Jul 20124 stars

Todd Solondz film is supremely dark and disturbing suburbia satire

Supremely dark and disturbing satirist of American suburbia Todd Solondz’s seventh feature is his most fully realised and mature film (in cinematic terms, if not subject matter) to date. It might not boast the jaw-dropping subversive outrageousness of…

Woody Allen: A Documentary

7 Jun 20123 stars

A funny and occasionally insightful overview of the American filmmaker

As a filmmaker Woody Allen is anything but showy; his films focus on characters, conversations and the absurd comedy of life, and whilst they are often beautifully photographed, Allen’s pictures, turned out at a steady rate of one a year, are defined by…

Be Kind Rewind

14 Feb 20083 stars

COMEDY (12A) 100min Michel Gondry’s freewheeling satire on copyright law features a frustrated filmmaker Mike (Mos Def), who works in a VHS-only video store in an apartment block due for demolition. When his dad (Danny Glover) is out of town finding…

Arthur and the Invisibles

29 Jan 20073 stars

(U) 93min

If Luc Besson (The Big Blue, Leon) is to be believed, this, his tenth film, will also be his last as director. In adapting his own children’s book, Besson mixes live-action and CGI animation with decidedly patchy results. It’s heavy on style but light…