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Reviews & features: Robin Hardy

An Appointment with the Wicker Man

1 Feb 2012

Robin Hardy’s 1973 classic to become the play-within-the-play for new NTS production

‘There are many films that people would love to see adapted cleanly onto the stage,’ says Greg Hemphill, and if current trends are anything to go by, he looks to be right, ‘but when we discussed it with Vicky [Featherstone, National Theatre of Scotland…

The Wicker Man

19 Jan 2010

Late night screening of Robin Hardy’s brilliant Scottish horror starring the late Edward Woodward as a police inspector investigating a child’s disappearance on a remote Scottish island. Hardy is currently working on a sequel to the film. GFT…

The Wicker Man

4 Sep 20063 stars

Love can make us do the strangest things. Just ask Neil Labute, the writer/director of In the Company of Men, Our Friends and Neighbours and The Shape of Things. Labute, for all his inconsistencies, has long been noted as the foremost chronicler of the…