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The Connection

25 May 20153 stars

Jean Dujardin fronts a sporadically successful thriller, based on real events

The 1971 release of William Friedkin’s The French Connection, inspired by Robin Moore's non-fiction book, was followed by a decade-long slew of hard-boiled police-versus-drug-dealers cash-ins. Released in France last year as La French, Cédric Jimenez’s…

Danny Collins

25 May 20154 stars

Likeable midlife crisis drama from Dan Fogelman that gifts a fine role to Al Pacino

There’s a certain delicious quality about seeing Al Pacino play a jaded rocker in Danny Collins. He’s a hip-swinging cliché – pumping out his old hits on the tour circuit, still drinking and doing drugs, and somewhere beneath it all he's profoundly…

The Dead Lands

25 May 20153 stars

Warring tribes are the focus of this entertaining Kiwi actioner from Toa Fraser

Fijian-British director Toa Fraser made 2008's Dean Spanley, a sweetly surreal, stiff-upper-lipped story of Edwardian Englishmen and resurrected dogs. It was a niche proposition, sure, but an oddly beautiful one all the same. After ballet drama Giselle…

The Goob

25 May 20154 stars

Guy Myhill's Norfolk-set debut is a coming-of-ager with quiet power

In rural Norfolk 16-year-old Goob (Liam Walpole) is stuck in a troubled home over which his mother’s womanising boyfriend Gene (Sean Harris) rides roughshod and unchecked. Only when Goob is exposed to free-spirited outsiders Elliot (Oliver Kennedy) and…


25 May 20152 stars

Cannes 2015: Emotionally hollow 3D provocation from Gaspar Noé

At one point in Argentinean provocateur Gaspar Noé’s sexually explicit, 3D-rendered story of lost love the main character, Murphy (Karl Glusman), proclaims that movies should be about 'blood, sperm and tears.' It’s a sentiment Noé takes to the extreme…