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18 Jul 20174 stars

Christopher Nolan's take on the titular evacuation is incomparably immersive

Although he infused Gotham City with a good deal of grit, Dunkirk represents Christopher Nolan's first foray into true-life territory as he restages the epic evacuation that began in May 1940 and which altered the course of World War II. Framed as a…

Monster Island

17 Jul 20172 stars

Ghoulish, largely uninspired Mexican animation that at least improves as it goes along

Hollywood studios so dominate the feature animation market you wonder why anyone else tries to compete. Mexican production Monster Island seems determined to capture a share of the pie with a film that initially feels very American and very…


17 Jul 20172 stars

François Cluzet is the star of a disappointing political thriller from Thomas Kruithof

Sporting the apprehensive air of a lesser Le Carré, Scribe (La mécanique de l'ombre) will appeal to fans of the author – to whom the story owes a debt – alongside admirers of the French Dustin Hoffman, François Cluzet. With echoes of Cluzet's work in…

City of Ghosts

17 Jul 20174 stars

Matthew Heineman helms this essential documentary about the fight to liberate Raqqa

For the residents of Raqqa, Syria, the Arab Spring that began in 2010 did not bring about any of the promised freedoms; instead, it made things catastrophically worse. The downfall of President Bashar al-Assad brought with it a power vacuum into which…

The Death of Louis XIV

10 Jul 20174 stars

The final days of the French monarch unfold in uncompromising and impressive style

It seems a bold move to release The Death of Louis XIV deep in the heart of the summer blockbuster season. Albert Serra's film is sombre and studied as it creates a painstaking portrait of the agonising final days of the Sun King. Based on medical…