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Laura Jurd on Sketches of Spain: 'It's a bit of a journey so fasten your seatbelts'

18 Jun 2019

The trumpeter gears up to play the classic Miles Davis album at this year's EIFF with Tommy Smith and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

On 15 September 1990, a future British trumpet star was born. Meanwhile, just one year and 13 days later, a legend of the jazz world died, leaving behind an unmatchable musical legacy. As part of this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival's Spain…

The Flood

17 Jun 20193 stars

Low-key and well-informed refugee drama, starring Lena Headey

Director Anthony Woodley, writer Helen Kingston and producer Luke Healy were inspired to make The Flood after volunteering at the infamous refugee camp Calais Jungle, and their real-world experience – plus extensive amounts of research – informs this…

The Captor

17 Jun 20192 stars

Ethan Hawke has fun in this fictionalised and flawed take on a notorious real-life heist

When, in 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson strolled into Stockholm's Kreditbanken on Norrmalmstorg square, took hostages, and demanded that his imprisoned friend and fellow bank robber Clark Olofsson be brought to him, the ensuing stand-off sparked fascination…


17 Jun 20192 stars

Elizabeth Banks brings real intensity to an otherwise middling, James Gunn-produced superhero horror

The glut of superhero movies continues with Brightburn, a low-budget indie born from a familiar idea: a young boy discovers that he has super powers. The twist is that David Yarovesky's latest is a horror film, so the boy starts terrorising the local…

Toy Story 4

17 Jun 20194 stars

Satisfying fourth instalment from Pixar's signature franchise

Pixar's signature franchise is back, nine years after the remarkable Toy Story 3 seemingly rounded off a perfect animated trilogy. Is another outing with Woody, Buzz and the other talking toys one step too far? In the hands of most Hollywood studios…