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16 Jan 20193 stars

Well-acted but flawed and self-congratulatory trilogy closer from M Night Shyamalan

In 2017, M Night Shyamalan's comeback hit Split turned out to be a sequel in psycho-thriller disguise to 2000's Unbreakable, a film that pre-empted the superhero movie revival. Now, this most divisive of directors returns to claim his dues…

London Unplugged

14 Jan 20193 stars

City living is at the heart of an admirable if uneven anthology film, featuring Juliet Stevenson

Bringing together several new filmmakers, working alongside film schools, East London community film hub Four Corners and frontline organisations including the Refugee Journalist Project and Migrant Resource Centre, the low budget London Unplugged…

The Raft

14 Jan 20194 stars

Santiago Genovés's notorious Acali experiment is the focus of an insightful documentary

In his candid, complex 2010 documentary Regretters, Swedish director Marcus Lindeen staged a black box theatre-style meeting between two men as they reflected regretfully on experiences with gender reassignment surgery. For his latest, Lindeen navigates…

Monsters and Men

14 Jan 20194 stars

Reinaldo Marcus Green reflects on race and conscience in modern America for his charged debut

In Monsters and Men an unarmed black man is shot dead by the police. It is a tale all-too familiar in modern America. Making a very promising debut after a string of award-winning shorts and television work, Reinaldo Marcus Green takes the killing as a…

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

14 Jan 20194 stars

Debut director RaMell Ross's intimate and unconventional documentary is powerfully immersive

Burrowing deep into the heart and soul of the American south, Hale County This Morning, This Evening is not a documentary in the traditional sense. Instead of talking heads or contextual commentary, filmmaker RaMell Ross instead presents a series of…