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Pond Life

22 Apr 20194 stars

Charming slice of South Yorkshire life from director Bill Buckhurst

A wistful throwback to the early 90s, Pond Life plays like a love letter to the childhoods of the pre-digital era. Set in a mining village outside of Doncaster, the film's core characters are introduced through montage in moments of blissful serenity…

Bel Canto

22 Apr 20193 stars

Paul Weitz helms an intriguing but flawed hostage drama, starring Julianne Moore

Inspired by the Japanese embassy hostage crisis that took place in Peru in 1996, Bel Canto is a tale of terrorism shorn of the heroics that usually accompany your typical Hollywood take on the subject. Based on the award-winning novel by Ann Patchett…

Ash Is Purest White

22 Apr 20194 stars

Jia Zhangke's poignant crime drama features an impressive performance from his wife Zhao Tao

Chinese director Jia Zhangke (A Touch of Sin) returns to the crime genre for Ash Is Purest White, his latest exploration of contemporary China. His focus is the jianghu. Originally used in wuxia literature to denote a way of life associated with martial…

Romain Gavras on The World Is Yours: 'It's pretty different to what we usually do in France'

19 Apr 2019

French-Greek director discusses his flamboyant pop-gangster comedy

When Romain Gavras' The World Is Yours played in Cannes last year, the French crowds went wild. 'It was such a pleasure to have such a responsive audience,' reflects Gavras, when we meet in Paris at promo event UniFrance. 'A pop-gangster comedy', as…

Explore Edinburgh's six most iconic locations in film

17 Apr 2019

From the Trainspotting gang's old stomping grounds to romantic moments on Arthur's Seat, discover Edinburgh through a new lens this spring

Whether it's the winding lanes and closes of medieval Old Town, or the wide stately boulevards of the city's northern neighbourhoods, beautiful Edinburgh has played a starring role in many films over the years. So why not transport yourself onto the…