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Justice League

15 Nov 20173 stars

The DC gang assemble for a watchable adventure, but the villain problem persists

Those who endured Zack Snyder's lumbering Batman v Superman will already be well prepped for Justice League. It's the DC answer to Marvel's Avengers Assemble, as a team of superheroes band together to fight an alien invasion led by chief antagonist…


13 Nov 20174 stars

Well-conceived, thoughtful documentary that takes a complex look at big-game hunting

This documentary from Shaul Schwarz and co-director Christina Clusiau about big-game hunting begins in arresting fashion: a rhino is captured, and hunters quickly and mechanically remove the animal's horn with an electric saw. Within seconds, the owner…


13 Nov 20173 stars

Cate Blanchett is everywhere as Julian Rosefeldt's art installation makes the leap to the big screen

Originally a multi-video art installation, German artist Julian Rosefeldt's Manifesto has been adapted for cinemas as a full-length film. First displayed in 2015, in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne, the project saw its star Cate…


13 Nov 20175 stars

Dee Rees delivers an authentic yet devastatingly pertinent drama set in Mississippi during and after WWII

The landscape of Mississippi may have been built on the farmlands that sustain it but its cultural identity is largely shaped by intolerance and discrimination that run as deep and dark as its abundant mud. While this adaptation of the bestselling novel…

Into Film Festival aims to creatively engage with 500,000 5–19-year-olds and their educators

7 Nov 2017

Largest youth-focused film festival in the UK features thousands of free screenings and workshops

Getting a job in the UK film industry is notoriously challenging; but budding young filmmakers have a great opportunity to learn more about the work involved thanks to this year's Into Film Festival. The largest youth-focused film festival in the UK…