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The Edinburgh Greek Festival announces its 2016 programme

26 Oct 2016

Small but nicely-shaped festival with some of the best in recent Greek cinema

There was a time when Greek cinema seemed to be Theo Angelopolous and not many other people: long films with not a lot of story and endless shots of people staring mournfully at the sea. Then there was a time when articles about Greek cinema always…

Doctor Strange

25 Oct 20164 stars

The newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a giddy, good-time trip starring Benedict Cumberbatch

The latest superhero origin story doesn't radically alter the state of comic book movies, but it's a giddy, good-time trip. Steering the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the 'Multiverse' of Marvel Comics' most hallucinogenic 1960s title, director Scott…

Burn Burn Burn

24 Oct 20164 stars

Charming British dramedy starring Laura Carmichael that marks the directorial debut of Chanya Button

Chanya Button's directorial debut is a road trip movie about life and death that boasts a real depth of emotional intelligence, while still having a great sense of humour about itself. The title is taken from a passage in Jack Kerouac's seminal Beat…

Into the Inferno

24 Oct 20164 stars

Mesmerising documentary from the great Werner Herzog that takes a tour of the world's volcanoes

With his deadpan delivery and unmistakable accent, filmmaker Werner Herzog has an uncanny ability to imbue his documentary subjects with interest and existential intrigue. Whether turning his camera on mother nature (Grizzly Man), ancient cave drawings…


24 Oct 20163 stars

Joanne Froggatt stars in Bill Clark's gruelling but commendable drama based on true events

Charming his daughter with the story of how a starfish can regrow its limbs, children's writer Tom Ray (Tom Riley) has no idea of how bitterly ironic that tale will become. When he falls ill with what is assumed to be food poisoning, Tom's wife Nicola…