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War Machine

22 May 20173 stars

Brad Pitt's misjudged performance nearly sinks an otherwise strong satire from David Michôd

War should be no laughing matter and yet satirists continue to deliver the goods, in part, because America simply can't live with peace; the title of Australian writer-director David Michôd's comedy neatly sums up the superpower's boneheaded and highly…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge

22 May 20173 stars

The fifth film in Disney's seafaring franchise marks a partial return to form

It says a lot that a wanted poster in Salazar's Revenge slashes the bounty on Captain Jack Sparrow to a single pound. Have too many raids on the dress-up box (plus off-screen scandals) dented Johnny Depp's appeal that much? Perhaps, though at least…

The Square

22 May 20173 stars

Cannes 2017: Ruben Östlund follows Force Majeure with an interesting if overambitious satire

Ruben Östlund follows the almost surgical precision of his breakthrough hit Force Majeure with The Square, an altogether more sprawling, unwieldy, star-sprinkled proposition (Dominic West and Elisabeth Moss appear). His new film is the cinematic…

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

22 May 20172 stars

The moderately amusing fourth film in the franchise mixes things up with a road trip and new cast

Faced with the issue of how to continue the series when the two main actors are now too old for their roles, the makers of the Wimpy Kid movies – based on Jeff Kinney's hugely popular books – have opted for a completely new cast for the fourth film in…

The Hippopotamus

22 May 20172 stars

Roger Allam savours a juicy starring role in an otherwise half-hearted farce

The one saving grace of The Hippopotamus is that it provides a rare starring role for Roger Allam. Failed poet and embittered critic Ted Wallace is a juicy peach of a part and Allam plays him with all the giddy delight of MasterChef's Gregg Wallace…