Day the Country Died, The - DVD review (4 stars)

The Day the Country Died

(E) 90min (Pinnacle Vision DVD retail/rental)


Subtitled ‘A History of Anarcho Punk’ this is actually a visual retelling of Ian Glasper’s excellent book of the same name. Exploring in minute detail the obscure, esoteric, UK anarcho-punk scene of the early 80s, this absolutely fascinating film uses documentary and other images to expound on the music’s deadly serious connection with social issues such as animal rights, the anti-globalisation movement and others. Influential performers Crass, Conflict, Subhumans and Chumbawamba pop up between archive footage to prove that age has not withered their visceral visions. Recommended. for anyone who can remember the poll tax riots, Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher or Dr Martens boots.

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