The Cellar Door (3 stars)

The Cellar Door


(18) 86min (Revolver DVD retail/rental)

This is an interestingly shot, tense and to the point thriller, which belies its opening sequence in which a girl is sadistically tortured in the familiar tradition of Hostel or Saw to become a dark psychological study, with the odd outburst of gore.

Matt Zettell’s thriller depicts a serial killer who, having disposed of his latest victim, begin the process of stalking a young woman. He captures her and locks her in a home-made cage in his basement, where she begins a psychological game with him to preserve her life. There’s some interesting use of camera angles and close up, all adding to the claustrophobia, while the psychological ailments of its sick central character are deftly exposed without being overplayed. There are some moments that might be edited to shorten the film, but good lead performances from James DuMont and Michelle Tomlinson make it worth the watch. Little in the way of extras.

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