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Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

Tina Fey is the latest in a long line of comedians to come through the writer’s rooms of NBC’s legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live. Here’s a few more familiar faces

Chevy Chase

Cast member 1975-76
SNL claim to fame Cast members were united in their disgust for Chase and would often hide to avoid sharing the elevator with him. Post SNL Fletch, the National Lampoons Vacation movies, and the video to Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’ remain firm highlights.

John Belushi

Cast member 1975-79
SNL claim to fame Appeared as an older version of himself dancing on fellow cast members graves. Ironically, he was the first SNL cast member to die.
Post SNL? Animal House, 1941, The Blues Brothers.

Bill Murray

Cast member 1977-81
SNL claim to fame Famous for classic characters like Nick the Lounge Singer. Post SNL? Lost in Translation, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Broken Flowers.

Eddie Murphy

Cast member from 1980-84
SNL claim to fame Gained a place on SNL by chance as the ‘token black guy’ place was already taken, luckily a contract hadn’t been signed so Murphy was in. Post SNL? Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, Trading Places, that mental red leather suit from Delirious. Lets just forget Vampire in Brooklyn and the kid with Scary Spice.

Christopher Guest

Cast member from 1984-85
SNL claim to fame Señor Cosa, a Spanish ventriloquist, which became a recurring spoof on the Joe Franklin show.
Post SNL? This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show.

Robert Downey Jr

Cast member from 1985-86
SNL claim to fame Celebrity impersonations including George Michael, Elvis Presley, and Sean Penn. Post SNL? Drugs, jail, madness, redemption, Iron Man.

Phil Hartman

Cast member from 1986-94
SNL claim to fame Best known for his extremely accurate Bill Clinton impression. Post SNL? Voiced characters in The Simpsons including Lionel Hutz and Troy Maclure. He was shot dead by his wife in 1998.

Mike Myers

Cast member from 1988-95
SNL claim to fame Created and performed in one of SNL’s most popular and famous sketches to date, Wayne’s World. Post SNL? The genius of Wayne’s World the movie, So I Married an Axe Murderer and Austin Powers was offset by him not knowing when to stop with the Shrek series.

Chris Rock

Cast member from 1990-93
SNL claim to fame Recurring character Nat X was militant host of the dark side. Was also known as one of the bad boys of SNL. Post SNL? Now America’s biggest stand up comedian, Everybody Hates Chris TV series.

Adam Sandler

Cast member from 1990-95
SNL claim to fame A self-taught musician, Sandler became known for his humorous self-penned songs including ‘Sex Phone Lady’ and ‘The Chanukah Song’
Post SNL? The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore and Anger Management.

Sarah Silverman

Cast member from 1993-94
SNL claim to fame Fired from being an SNL writer and cast member via fax, after one season. SNL claimed none of her sketches survived past dress rehearsal. Post SNL? Offending Britney and Paris at award ceremonies, The Sarah Silverman Show and writing a song about having an affair with Matt Damon.

Molly Shannon

Cast member from 1995-2001
SNL claim to fame Melodramatic school girl sketch, Mary Katherine Gallagher.
Post SNL? Mary Katherine was made into a movie in 1999, Superstar!, Never Been Kissed, Taladega Nights.

Will Ferrell

Cast member from 1995-2002
SNL claim to fame Became the highest paid cast member in 2001, with a season salary of $350,000. Post SNL? Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights and the much underrated Elf.

Amy Poehler

Cast member from 2001-present
SNL claim to fame Co-anchored ‘Weekend Update’ with Tina Fey, the first time that two women were ever given the job.
Post SNL? Baby Mama and Mean Girls plus TV series Arrested Development.

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