• The List
  • 17 July 2008
Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton in the Chronicles of Narnia

Hollywood actress Tilda Swinton is to set up a small film festival in her hometown of Nairn in north-east Scotland. Bereft of the usual razzmatazz, Swinton and co-organiser Mark Cousins are keen to strip back the look [and cost] of festivals, such as Cannes. Instead of inflated prizes and show-stopping red carpet dresses, tickets to films will cost punters a tray of baked goods (or £3), with audiences invited to sit on beanbags to view what are said to be ‘films with highly coloured, dreamlike elements.’ Despite the low-fi setting, there’s still a strong star presence: director Joel Coen will programme two of the nights. The Michael Clayton and Chronicles of Narnia star was inspired to put something on after renting the venue, rent an old ballroom in Nairn known as the Ballerina, former gig grounds of Pink Floyd and The Who. The festival will run from 15-23 August.

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