A night in - Upcoming film highlights on TV

A night in - Upcoming film highlights on TV

After a month of hitting the best nights in town, Miles Fielder hand picks the films worth staying in for.

When the budget bites and the winter nights close in, you can find affordable solace in classic movies, widely available on DVD for as little as the price of pint of beer and a glass of vino (less than that if you download). Avoiding the obvious Citizen Kanes and Psychos and Bringing Up Babies, there are new old wonders to behold in dozens of lesser known classics.

If you've yet to experience the utterly bonkers screwball comedies of Preston Sturges, start with his 1941 masterpiece Sullivan's Travels, a satire on Hollywood which was the inspiration for the Coen brothers' Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Cute and kooky Judy Holliday isn't as well remembered as some of her glamorous peers, but during her short-lived career she won an Oscar for her brilliant comic portrayal of a tycoon's motormouth dame who's given etiquette lessons in George Cukor's 1950 rom-com Born Yesterday. Another feisty young woman, prim Wendy Hiller, receives life lessons in I Know Where I'm Going!, a ruggedly romantic, romping comic drama shot by the great British filmmaker Michael Powell (A Matter of Life and Death and The Red Shoes) on Scotland's beautiful west coast. Sticking with the broads (as they used to call gals), gorgeous Jeanne Moreau knocks out Jules et Jim in French New Wave pioneer François Truffaut's delightful 1962 menage-a-trios rom-com. Switching from dolls to guys, the most laconic of all the tough guys, Robert Mitchum, is a knockout (and is frequently knocked out) in the perverse 1951 film noir, His Kind of Woman. Produced by playboy Howard Hughes, it co-stars Jane Russell, the sassy top-heavy brunette Hughes famously designed a strapless bra for using aviation technology. Finally, no classic movie night would be complete without James Stewart, and the one you need to (re)see is Harvey, which is the luny 1950 comedy about a chap and his best friend who happens to be a six-foot tall invisible white rabbit.


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