May the Fourth be with you: A trip down memory lane of the Star Wars franchise

May the Fourth be with you: A trip down memory lane of the Star Wars franchise

Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi

The List team looks back on all of our favourite moments from a galaxy far, far away

Marvel might be the big movie franchise taking in all the hype right now (have you recovered from Avengers: Endgame yet? No, neither have we), but do you know what they don't have? That's right, their own day.

May 4th has, since 2011, served as a puny excuse to celebrate the intergalactic franchise in all its glory (funny piece of trivia: the first use of the phrase 'May the Fourth be with you' dates back to 4 May 1979, which just so happens to be the same day Margaret Thatcher took office). If you are more of a dark side type of person, you might need to choose between either Revenge of the Fifth or Revenge of the Sixth to unleash your anger, but most fans will agree that May the Fourth is the definitive 'holiday'.

To celebrate this yearly landmark of geek culture, and in anticipation for the last movie of the Skywalker saga, we here at List HQ have put our force powers to good use and picked our very favourite scenes from the Star Wars world. It nearly started a lightsaber fight or two, and the Jedi council had many heated meetings, but the results are in.

'Boring conversation anyway'

'Reminds me of every time as a kid I tried to lie (badly) and got caught out…'
Brendan Miles, Digital Business Director

Darth Sidious and Yoda go head to head

'My favourite Star Wars scene is when the emperor takes on Yoda in a fight and says "my little green friend."'
Shaun Scott, Events Intern

Yoda has a house guest

'When Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi Order, invites Luke Skywalker, a mere boy, into his sandy hovel, makes him a bowl of his Yoda stew, and says "eat, eat, good food, hot, hmm!"
Ross Foley, Senior Account Manager

The Yub Nub Song: Return of the Jedi

'There are plenty of hard-hitting, spectacular moments in the Star Wars films but I'll always love that scene at the end of Return of the Jedi where all the Ewoks are celebrating. It's just adorable and there's no way to watch that scene without shouting along 'Yub Nub' and having a wee dance around your living room. Also, John Williams wrote the tune so of course it's going to be awesome.'
Arusa Qureshi, Editor

Jabba's Palace (but not the scene you're thinking of)

'Controversial choice but Return of the Jedi is my favourite Star Wars movie. Mainly due to Jabba's Palace. all the creepy, kooky monsters, robots and weirdos hanging out and partying all day. And when Luke faces down the huge Rancor it just blew my mind (i was nine when RotJ came out). The special effects still look great (just try to ignore the super dodgy CGI musical number Lucas added to the Special Edition, which is just embarrassing).'
Henry Northmore, Music & TV Editor

Ahsoka vs Vader in Star Wars: Rebels

'As much I love their master/padawan relationship, so much time passed from Clone Wars to then: that scene is dark. Great fight sequence but emotional weighting is arguably better.'
Victoria Parker, Ad Ops Executive

'Your thoughts betray you, father. I feel the good in you.'

'The Luke vs Vader battle at the end of Return of the Jedi. For a long time I thought it looked a bit naff, particularly compared with the acrobatics of the fight scenes in the prequels, but now I think they look far too showy. What the fight scene in Jedi achieves is to convey Luke's absolute rage. By the end of the battle he's just slamming his lightsaber at Vader in pure anger. Which contrasts perfectly with when he realises what he's about to become and decides to stop.'
Murray Robertson, Content Manager

The Rage of Darth Vader from Rogue One

'The 'Ending Scene' with him slicing up Rebels left and right is what Vader fans have been waiting for and you get a real sense of his immense power/why he is so feared throughout the Galaxy. It also topped off what is arguably one of the better Disney efforts.'
Jakob van den Berg, Account Manager

'You want to go home and rethink your life.'

'It's an impossible task to choose only one scene: the Star Wars universe is made up of so many iconic moments. But one that always makes me laugh (and considering it's part of the prequel trilogy, laughter is always needed to power through a rewatch) is the bar scene where Elan Sel'Sabagno, a death sticks dealer, gets a brutal rebuttal from Obi-Wan. No lightsaber needed for that burn.'
Sofia Matias, Content Producer

He's aliiiiive!

'Anakin's Darth Vader resurrection. Everyone who has woken up after a messy night out and some questionable decision-making can relate to this moment.'
Scott Henderson, Head of Digital Media