Best of the 15th Raindance Film Festival Shorts (3 stars)

Best Of The 15th Raindance Film Festival Shorts

(15) 100min (PIAS DVD retail)


Cottoning on to the fact that in the future the best film festivals will probably take place online and from the comfort of our own homes, those good people at Raindance have put together a best of DVD. The incentive to buy is obviously that many of these short films are currently not available to view on their excellent website ( This is the second time they have put together a collection like this, and this lot has been honed down from their 2007 festival and includes festival award winners, award nominees, the 2007 festival trailer, and a behind-the-scenes peak of the making of the festival directed by Jonathan Tarnation Caouette.

All the shorts on this DVD are worth checking out and the best of them – Oscar Sharp’s Forna, the story of a cock in a garden; Doug Carr’s nightmarish Anniversary Present: Roderigo Gudino’s twisted tale of unconditional love The Demonology of Desire and Philip Van’s marital upgrade comedy High Maintenance – suggest that the future of the British film industry may be in safe hands.

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