Never Back Down (2 stars)

Never Back Down

(15) 108min (Momentum DVD retail/rental)


Never Back Down isn’t meant for high analysis, it’s basically a film of hot young teens punching each other. The plot to string these acts of violence together is so basic it hardly warrants a mention but concerns Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) moving to a new school, finding it hard to fit in, getting a severe ass whipping then training up to kick some shit. NBD packs in the clichés – a troubled past, training montages, a simplistic love story – and wildly ‘borrows’ from all the greats of the genre (Kickboxer, Bloodsport and The Karate Kid). It’s the UFC sanitised with an OC-lite storyline and MTV sheen. If you’re in the mood for a bone cracking, cartilage crunching, high gloss fightfest you can’t go wrong. If you’re after depth, of any description, look elsewhere. Extras include multi-angle fight scenes, deleted scenes and a making of.

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