Kung Fu Film Festival promises 'high-octane action, epic choreography and absurd comic capers'

Kung Fu Film Festival promises 'high-octane action, epic choreography and absurd comic capers'

Shaolin Soccer

Summerhall hosts a week of martial arts screenings plus introductory classes

If you're a fan of kung fu and any and all kinds of Chinese martial arts, Summerhall is the place for you this September as the venue plays host to Scotland's first ever Kung Fu Film Festival, with screenings of classics like Ang Lee's multi-award-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the 2002 Jet Li favourite Hero, which was the first Chinese-language film to go to number one at the US box office. You can also see Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, and Jackie Chan's hilarious Drunken Master, both of which will be accompanied by Q&As on the art and science of kung fu.

Elsewhere on the programme, attendees will be able to take introductory martial arts classes courtesy of White Crane Scotland and Suffrajitsu, who run self defence classes for women in Edinburgh.

It's not all action and adventure though, as films like the 2001 madcap sports comedy Shaolin Soccer will get a screening, alongside Stephen Chow's special-effects, gangsters and nostalgia-filled Kung Fu Hustle. There will also be a rare chance to see Wolf Warrior II, the most successful Chinese-language movie of all time.

If you're after something a bit different after the chaos of August in Edinburgh, the Kung Fu Film Festival promises a week of high-octane action, epic choreography and absurd comic capers, but all on the big screen.

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Mon 16–Sun 22 Sep.

Kung Fu Film Festival

Debut festival showcasing the best of action film-making.