Neo-Glasgow brings sci-fi cult classics to Argyle Street Arches

Neo-Glasgow brings sci-fi cult classics to Argyle Street Arches

Total Recall

Glasgow Film Festival 2020 kicks off its Special Events programme with immersive film screenings

As winter draws to a close, and the festive season is (or should be) well recovered from, the Glasgow Film Festival opens its 2020 programme with a futuristic transformation of Argyle Street Arches.

For the first Special Event of the 16th edition of the festival, which showcases classics and new film releases from Scotland, the UK and beyond, there is no safer place to be than Neo-Glasgow (Fri 28 Feb–Sun 1 Mar), as the world as we know it comes to an end in a dystopian, immersive adventure.

The Hielanman's Umbrella will house an epic weekend of sci-fi cult classics and special on-site events, teaching the bravest of attendees how to survive the apocalypse and save the world (not a bad way to start the decade, is it?). There will also be sustainable food, drinks and handmade gifts to purchase, if the responsibility of all human life in your hands becomes too much.

These won't be your run-of-the-mill film screenings, as high-tech light installations and interactive pop-up performances fully immerse you in your favourite science fiction tales. Starting off the weekend is none other than the titan of sci-fi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a recurring dream about Mars puts his life at stake in Total Recall (Fri 28 Feb). The following evening, it's time for a rebellion alongside Tank Girl (Sat 29 Feb), as water becomes scarce on Earth.

For the younger sci-fi lovers (or just all animation fans), it wouldn't be a science fiction weekend without a screening of Wall-E (Sun 1 Mar), where a loveable trash compactor finds love in a desolated planet. Ending the weekend with high stakes is Train to Busan (Sun 1 Mar), as audiences must trust no one and look everywhere for signs of zombie infection. Tickets for all screenings go on sale Wed 11 Dec.

Allan Hunter, Glasgow Film Festival Co-director, said: 'Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in Neo-Glasgow when the films are this cool? The mind-blowing, Oscar-nominated Total Recall might just be Arnold Schwarzenegger's finest hour, Tank Girl celebrates its silver anniversary as a firm cult favourite, and the zombie virus chiller Train to Busan ensures you will never feel the same about the daily commute. Then along comes Wall-E to break your heart. It is a fantastic line-up that is bound to sell-out quickly.'

Neo-Glasgow, Argyle Street Arches, Fri 28 Feb–Sun 1 Mar, times vary. Part of Glasgow Film Festival, find out more at


Interactive and immersive screenings of sci-fi cult classics. Part of Glasgow Film Festival.