Femspectives announces dazzling and varied programme for 2020

Femspectives announces dazzling programme for 2020

Vai (2019)

The Glasgow Feminist Film Festival returns to celebrate talented national and international womxn directors and their work

The second annual Femspectives arrives in Glasgow in February, having announced a diverse and rich programme featuring womxn directors from all over the world including Burkina Faso, New Zealand, Kenya, Spain and more. The feminist festival showcases 13 films representing 11 countries and running between Thu 20 and 23 Feb 2020 at Civic House.

Opening the festival is a truly unique collaboration between nine directors: Vai is a powerful portrayal of one woman, whose life and journey depict the disappearing traditions in our lives. The film was shot in seven different Pacific countries, while the main character is played by eight different indigenous actors.

While the opening gala crosses borders in a fascitating way, the equally exciting closing film focuses on Scotland. Femspectives' final screening will feature shorts from a variety of national womxn filmmakers. Audiences will have the chance to see Body of Water, Duck Daze, Glue, Meet Me By the Water and My Beating Voice.

Femspectives announces dazzling programme for 2020

My Beating Voice

The 2020 festival is centred around three major themes. Films screened in the 'It's Complicated' section introduce spectators to the complex relationships between womxn; the films of 'Collective Memory: Trauma & Nation' explore the power of memory; while the works of 'Autonomy' talk about personal struggles.

Sung-a Yoon's documentary Overseas is an intimate portrayal of young Filipino women who leave their own children behind to do domestic work abroad; Lindy Heymann's abortion-themed film I Told My Mum I Was On An R.E. Trip uses real-life interview clips as well as songs and spoken word. The festival also hosts the UK premiere of Spanish drama The Awakening Of The Ants directed by Antonella Sudasassi.

Little Miss Westie by Dan Hunt and Joy E. Reed documents the life of two young trans siblings, one of whom competes in the local pegaent; while Apolline Traoré's Borders brings together four womxn travelling from Darak to Lagos by bus. The Archivettes by Megan Rossman tells the story of how The Lesbian Herstory Archives was created in New York in the 1970s. Last but not least, the feminist festival also screens a rarely-seen gem from the late 1980s: Helke Misselwitz shares how she met with womxn of different ages and social backgrounds in her documentary entitled After Winter Comes Spring.

Co-founders and producers Lauren Clarke and Kathi Kamleitner said: 'We are very excited for Femspectives to return for its second edition in 2020. There is a tangible interest in supporting the work of womxn and engaging with feminist content, and we are very happy to be one of many organisations providing these opportunities to Glasgow audiences.'

Following a hugely successful first edition the festival curates an even wider selection of events in 2020: besides screening 13 films there will be two forum discussions, a special workshop and a networking brunch.

For further information on the festival's full programme visit femspectives.com.

Femspectives – Glasgow Feminist Film Festival, Civic House, Thu 20 Feb–Sun 23 Feb.


The Glasgow Feminist Film Festival, Femspectives, supports womxn directors from all over the world. The third edition will take place online in 2021 and feature guest curators Tanatsei Gambura and Ane Lopez.