Home Cinema: Five kids' films to watch this Easter

Home Cinema: Five kids' films to watch right now

Toy Story 4

We round up some small screen entertainment options over the Easter break

With schools and nurseries having shut their doors and outdoor activities off the agenda, parents have quite the challenge in terms of keeping the little and not so little ones amused for the foreseeable. If kids' films are in plentiful supply, good quality ones are dramatically less so. Save your sanity and try these instead this Easter.

Trolls World Tour – Amazon Prime Video

Rainbows, upbeat tunes and glitter are what we need right now, and this sequel to 2016's animated smash Trolls, from director Walt Dohrn, delivers bucketloads of them all. Little kids, especially, will relish the brightly coloured, musical medley-heavy adventure as chipper Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and her still-grouchy friend Branch (Justin Timberlake) discover that their pop-loving clan isn't the only Troll tribe out there – there are lands devoted to funk, country, techno, classical and rock. The problem is that the Queen of Rock, Barb (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom), wants to take over the other tribes and have rock rule them all, and it's up to Poppy and pals to stop her.
Watch Trolls on Prime Video now.

Toy Story 4 – Sky Cinema / On Demand

Is it outrageous to suggest that this could be the best of the series? Perhaps so, but we'll stick our necks out here. There's so much to recommend it: the surreal charm of newbie Forky; the action-heroine take on Bo Peep; Keanu Reeves's stunt rider Duke Caboom. Key and Peele as Ducky and Bunny; a female 'bad guy' with a poignant character arc, in Christina Hendricks's Gabby Gabby. Taken together, this would be a fine place to finish the franchise. Whether Pixar will remains to be seen.
Watch Toy Story 4 on Sky Cinema.

The Lion King – Sky Cinema / On Demand

Now this one is divisive, but the recent 'live-action' remake has its staunch defenders and is a curiosity at the very least. Watch as the voice of the magnificent Beyoncé emanates from a dispiritingly dull lioness. Marvel at the incredible, albeit seriously creepy effects. Forget which lion is which. Wonder why they decided to make it at all. Then pop the Madagascar films back on loop for some brilliant, utterly bananas animal action.
Watch The Lion King on Sky Cinema.

Goosebumps / Goosebumps 2 – Netflix

With education on the backburner, why not school your kids in horror tropes? The original, superior Goosebumps is available on Netflix and now the follow-up is too. If there's not much of returning star Jack Black in the Halloween-set sequel, the excellent Caleel Harris from Ava DuVernay's When They See Us is one of the teens, while the adults are well cast too (Bridesmaids' Wendi McLendon-Covey, 30 Rock's Chris Parnell, Ken Jeong). Older kids will appreciate having a few (minor) scares – mainly courtesy of Chucky-like mischief-maker Slappy – scattered in amongst the moralising.
Watch Goosebumps / Goosebumps 2 on Netflix.

The Wizard of Oz – Netflix

New on Netflix but made way back in 1939, introducing your children to this golden oldie is either a genius move or an interesting experiment. Many will be delighted by a mix of peril, sentiment, farce and magic that's truly evergreen. Margaret Hamilton continues to be the stuff of childhood nightmares, cackling like mad as the Wicked Witch of the West, while Judy Garland brings bags of pathos to poor, homesick Dorothy. Adults revisiting it after watching Renée Zellweger's heart-breaking performance in Judy should get the tissues on standby.
Watch The Wizard of Oz on Netflix.

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