Passenger (Pasazerka) - DVD review (4 stars)

Passenger (Pasazerka)

(15) 105min (Second Run DVD retail)


Passenger is one of the great, overlooked films to deal with the Holocaust. Andrzej Munk’s film stands alongside Night and Fog and Shoah as a seminal examination of this crater in 20th century life and thought. Unlike those films, however, this is not a documentary, and a kind of conditional incomplete work. Munk died during the making of Passenger, and a colleague cobbled together the footage, photographs and voice-over narration, thus giving the film both a rough-hewn quality of a film in the making; while at the same time suggesting that the best approach to such an event is subtly avoiding over-dramatisation. Resembling in some ways Chris Marker’s La Jetée, made around the same time, this disc also contains 47 minutes of extras that include The Last Pictures - a rare documentary about Munk featuring Andrei Wajda and Roman Polanski. A masterpiece.

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