Angel-A - DVD review (3 stars)


(15) 88min (Optimum DVD retail/rental)


For Berlin, read Paris. For Wings of Desire, transpose Angel-A. But while Wim Wenders’ 80s classic still sparkles, this occasionally charming Luc Besson effort instantly pales by comparison. The problems are several fold, but the jovial knockabout fun between the titchy, ramshackle loser (Jamel Debbouze) and the Amazonian, messed-up blonde (Rie Rasmussen) fails to ignite, their on-screen passion doused by the suicidal plunge into the Seine.

Nothing is all that it seems here (although the title helps give the ‘mystery’ away within about five seconds) as he seemingly saves her from drowning while her celestial powers let him sneak from the grip of the hoods he owes big money to. Only a fool would make Paris look bad on film, so it’s barely a compliment to luxuriate in the cinematography, while the matey banter between the leads and their clapperboard-wielding boss make the DVD extras equally as irritating.

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