Avenge But One of My Two Eyes - DVD review (4 stars)

Avenge But One of My Two Eyes

(E) 100min (Second Run DVD retail)


Avi Mograbi’s tough-minded documentary on the horrors of today’s Israeli-Palestine conflict looks at events not from the point of view of Palestinian fanaticism and Israeli brutality, but chiefly from the long established fanaticism present in Jewish culture that makes a mockery of Israeli reasonableness in the face of Palestinian extremism. Tracing Jewish myths of political suicides through Samson and the hilltop auto-fenestrations at Masada, through to present day Israeli terror groups, Mograbi also, insistently, puts himself into the picture. As a Jewish filmmaker he can’t always stay objective behind the camera, and there is a great moment of ‘unprofessionalism’ where he tears into young Israeli soldiers insisting they should be ashamed of themselves for their bullying actions and lazy power tripping. Extras include a useful essay by Mark Cousins.

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