Trouble In Mind (4 stars)

Trouble In Mind

(15) 108min (Nouveaux Pictures DVD retail)


‘A little bit of everybody belongs in hell’ say Kris Kristofferson’s former cop, a man who’s recently served time for killing a mobster. Then there is Keith Carradine’s man on the make who changes his image from country boy to androgynous gangster, and whose recklessness is evident when he says ‘I just want some goddamn money. I don’t care who gives it to me.’ His partner replies, ‘I was afraid you’d say that.’ There is also Genevieve Bujold as a Kristofferson’s blast from the past, and Lori Singer as Carradine’s long-suffering girlfriend who is left quite literally holding the baby. Can the good, the bad and the ugly survive in Rain City?

Alan Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle Rudolph’s futuristic cum nostalgic film noir can best be summed up by his claim that he hoped to ‘celebrate the artifice of the surface of things’. It is the sort of film where nothing should be taken seriously except the emotional sincerity of the characters. The film still works in some small truths. Extras include revealing interviews with Rudolph and Carradine.

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