Cambridge Film Festival announces a year of online film events

Cambridge Film Festival announces a year of online film events


Commencing in January, CFF at Home will be available across the UK

Thinking outside the box is the name of the game these days and the folks at the Cambridge Film Festival have clearly been hard at work coming up with ways to save the festival and continue to share their love of cinema, after their 40th edition was unable to go ahead.

Following the success of AMPLIFY! – a virtual festival in collaboration with FilmBath, CINECITY and the Cornwall Film Festival – which ran throughout November and attracted over 15,000 viewers UK-wide, the CFF have announced their next project, the Cambridge Film Festival at Home. It begins on Fri 8 Jan 2021 with three very different films, which form part of the 'A Film I Love … ' series, available fortnightly as Pay What You Can Afford events.

Three of the UK's top film critics kick things off with their choices. The Observer's Mark Kermode has picked Andrew Kötting's avant-garde and undefinable The Whalebone Box which, though he clearly admires it greatly, he confesses to not understanding. One of The List's contributors, Anna Smith (who also hosts the Girls on Film podcast) opts for Olivia Wilde's hilarious, high school-set Booksmart, one of the most purely entertaining movies of last year. Radio staple Simon Mayo, on the other hand, goes down the classic road with 1984's multi-Oscar-winning Amadeus.

Later in the year, two further projects will be under the spotlight. Cambridge Film Festival In Your Community is a collaboration with Cambridge City Council offering free film screenings in communities across north Cambridge, alongside a training scheme to help young people deliver such events themselves. And CFF Youth Lab, which launched in 2019 and is being expanded, is a film education initiative open to those aged 16-24, focusing on film evaluation and criticism skills, and offering access to filmmakers and industry professionals.

More information about CFF at Home and the festival's other upcoming initiatives will be available via from Mon 21 Dec.