National Lampoon's Cattle Call (2 stars)

National Lampoon's Cattle Call

(18) 83min (Momentum DVD)

It’s a shame that National Lampoon, long associated with tasteless but somehow crudely endearing comedy, should have lent its name to this effort by writer/director Martin Guigui (Swing, Changing Hearts).

In it, we meet three young males who hatch a plot to ensnare women by posing as independent filmmakers seeking to audition young talent. An hour and a half of tit and dick jokes later and you’ll be another step closer to the grave with not much to show for it.

There are a couple of compensations in the shapes of cameos Jonathan Winters as a sarcastic and twisted Hollywood Studio tour guide and Paul Mazursky as the troubled judge who presides over the boys’ comeuppance, but the flabby narration and moral agenda uncertainties as to the position on the boys, seeming to both endorse and, as an afterthought, condemn their dehumanising attitude to women, do the film no favours. Mildly likeable performances from the leads, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Jenny Mollen just aren’t enough to make this float. Minimal extras.

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