Glasgay! Film Strand

Glasgay! Film Strand

From heart-warming and cheering to heart wrenching and chilling, the film strand at this year’s Glasgay! could be seen as a nod to the glory of diversity. Featuring only five feature films (three of them accompanied by shorts) it’s a small collection of moving image works that are all quite unlike each other.

A thread of comedy might have tied them together but for the inclusion of French Canadian lesbian romance, The Chinese Botanist’s Daughter (Les Filles Du Botaniste), which follows a tender path to tragedy as orphan Li Min goes to study with a renowned botanist and falls in love with his daughter, Cheng An.

There’s comedy made of the blacker stuff, and a rare chance to see a Hammer Film classic on the big screen, in The Anniversary. The legendary Bette Davis plays an eye patch-wearing domineering mother who calls in her three sons to celebrate her wedding anniversary, despite her husband having passed away years before.

Death is at the forefront of the funny stuff in Boystown (Chuecatown), a dark Spanish tale of hairy bears, murder and love in the Chueca neighbourhood of Madrid. Handsome estate agent Victor is the man with a plan to get rid of any older women living in the district and replace them with younger, well-honed hunks of flesh.

Brittany Murphy (Emily ‘Jacks’ Jackson) is determined to fix up her out-of-love flatmate Peter (Matthew Rhys) with a suitable Romeo in Love and Other Disasters. Promising to be more genuine than your average romcom, look out for a hilarious performance by Catherine Tate and cameos from Dawn French and Richard Wilson.

Finally, wash it all down with a spoonful of something mushier. Breakfast with Scot revolves around a macho, sports-loving gay couple in Canada who face a challenge when they take charge of a flamboyant 11-year-old nephew who would rather shake his hips in a musical than swing a hockey stick.

The Anniversary, Wed 1 Oct, 8.30pm; Love and Other Disasters, Mon 13 Oct, 6.30pm; The Chinese Botanist’s Daughter, Sun 5 Oct, 6.30pm; Boystown (Chuecatown), Mon 20 Oct, 6pm; Breakfast with Scott, Mon 27 Oct 6.15pm. All films are screening at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT).


Twenty two years after it burst onto the scene, Glasgay! continues to test the limits of LGBT arts. Taking place across a variety of Glasgow venues each autumn, this performing and visual arts festival presents work that includes LGBTQI artists and engages with social issues as well as questions of identity, sexuality and…

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