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Name Cory Edwards

Born 21 August 1968, Anderson, Indiana, US.

Background Actor/writer and director team Cory and his brother Todd started out making Hoodwinked as an animated short, then decided the material would stretch to feature length. Hoodwinked takes the multiple perspective of storytelling familiar from tough crime flicks like The Usual Suspects or Reservoir Dogs, and applies it to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The result quickly got snapped up by the Weinstein Company, making over $50 million in the US on a $15 million budget.

What he says about breaking the rules about animated films: ‘Audiences have got into this way of thinking about animation that it’s always got to be about a gang of animals ganging together to do something, but I don’t see why all animated films should be for kids. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have animated indie features, Westerns or horror films.’

What he says about humour: ‘We were very aware of not wanting to cover the same ground as Shrek. The flavour we wanted was more like The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle or Tex Avery.’

Interesting fact Edwards also provided the voice for Twitchy the squirrel in Hoodwinked, and was brought in by Harvey Weinstein to assist with re-dubbing when he bought last year’s The Magic Roundabout, which was later released as Dougal. As British exports to the US go, Dougal did about as much good for Anglo-American relations as the Boston Tea Party, making a measly $7 million. Hoodwinked 2 is, inevitably, in the works.

Hoodwinked is on general release from Fri 29 Sep.

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