Feast (4 stars)


(18) 95min

John (son of Clu) Gulager’s horror comedy is a delight in minor key. Somewhat like the endearing Tremors of two decades ago, it never loses its playful spirit and sense of homage to earlier monster movies, though here the tone is somewhat darker and more acrid. In it, a handful of down at heel patrons in a remote desert bar are set upon by a group of hideous scaly monsters of unresolved origin.

What makes the black comedy blacker is the deliberate play with genre conventions – our creatures eat heroes and children first, knowing no more of the rules that are meant to apply to their world than an investment banker does in ours. If self conscious genre parody has become run-of-the-mill since Scream, no matter, for here it’s all put together with a wicked kind of gusto, the side-of-the-mouth wit and bathetic humour all working to paper nicely over the cracks. There’s also a nice package of extras.

(Optimum DVD retail)

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