Soldier Blue (4 stars)

Soldier Blue

(18) 110min

Originally released in 1970 at the tail end of a period of huge social, political and psychological change and based on the massacre of Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek in 1864, Soldier Blue is as relevant today as it ever was. Predominantly a love story, the film is set against a background of colonial repression brought to bear against the Native Americans in the late 19th century.

Focused around the romance of the feisty Cresta (played to perfection by Candice Bergen) and the somewhat naive Honus (played by Peter Strauss and also the title character) the film bubbles with warmth and passion on its way to a very bloody denouement.

Powerful and heartbreaking, Soldier Blue is a remarkable apotheosis from an age of significant upheaval and revisionism. Minimal extras.

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