Zoo (3 stars)


(18) 76min

Incest, cannibalism, bestiality – cultures always have taboos, but are they all of equal magnitude? Respected documentary and fiction filmmaker Robinson Devor (Police Beat, The Woman Chaser) explores the latter in a film that adopts an Errol Morris style intimacy to bring out the details of a case where a Seattle family man dies having sex with a horse. The film avoids so blunt an exploration as the bald statement above suggests, though, and builds towards its revelation less with the tension building devices of the thriller, than the sensitivity of a doctor slowly letting a partner know their loved one has passed away. Devor’s strength here is that he gets inside the subject, interviewing others involved in the same activities as the Seattle family man, and some who find such activities horrific. It is clearly the apparent inexplicability of the bestial that interests him over the sensational aspects. Bizarrely this is a widescreen format release.

(Revolver DVD retail)

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