Postal (3 stars)


(18) 99min

Uwe Boll doesn’t have the best pedigree in movies; he’s an oft-reviled director with a penchant for videogame adaptations. But one thing you can’t dismiss is that the man has balls, and Postal is flat-out in-your-face nutzoid entertainment of the most dubious variety. It’s another videogame adaptation mixing the ribald comedy of the Airplane series with a subversive take on terrorism and an ever-rising body count.

The plot is almost incidental – chucking in a terrorist cell, a doomsday cult, dwarves and poor old ‘Postal Dude’ (Zack Ward) stuck in the middle. There’s Benny Hill style sauciness, bad taste ‘zany’ humour, mass shoot-outs and a self-referential appearance by Boll (as himself). Not forgetting a cutting take on Osama Bin Laden and George W Bush’s relationship and a truly apocalyptic ending. It’s chaotic but so utterly insane it’s hard to drag your eyes from the screen.

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