The Voyage (3 stars)

The Voyage

(PG) 97mins

Vittoria de Sica (Bicycle Thieves, Miracle in Milan) was one of the great voices of the Italian neo-realist film movement. He was also, alas, not always the most innovative of filmmakers, and this, his last completed film made in 1974, is a creaky Pirandello adaptation.

The use of stale zoom shots, milky filters and dubbing that kills any potential off-screen ‘space’ renders the film dead on the screen. The story is of a couple of brothers (Richard Burton and Ian Bannen) whose father’s will insists that Bannen marry the beautiful Sophia Loren; even though it is obvious that Loren and Burton are in love with each other. Will true love prevail, and if it does, at what price? Produced by Carlo Ponti and with all the wasted hallmarks of a class production. Minimal extras.

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