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  • 28 February 2007

Ghost Rider (12A) 109min (2 stars) Wild man Nicolas Cage and wonder woman Eva Mendes go almost completely over the top in this spirited, special effects heavy and somewhat throwaway adaptation of the Marvel Comics supernatural superhero who’s a daredevil stunt biker by day and by night a flaming skulled bounty hunter for the devil. See interview.
General release from Fri 2 Mar.

Material Girls (PG) 97min (1 star) Ava (Haylie Duff) and Tanzie (Hilary Duff) are wealthy and spoilt sisters. Their late father founded a cosmetics empire, which allows them to live a very privileged and carefree life, but when the firm faces a takeover bid from daddy’s old arch enemy Fabielle (Anjelica Huston) the girls find their fighting spirit. Shallow, idiotic, deeply depressing ‘tween comedy drama from the appalling filmmaker Martha Coolidge (Valley Girl, The Prince and Me).
General release from Fri 2 Mar.

Norbit (12A) 101min (1 star) Having won back some credibility for his fine supporting performance role in Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy reaches for the fat suit again. Norbit (Murphy) is an orphan brought up in the Chinese restaurant where he was abandoned. When he is forced into marrying the fat, mean, junk food scoffing Rasputia (also played by Murphy), Norbit realises that he has to get back to his childhood sweetheart Kate (Thandie Newton). Nonsense collection of fat, fart and foul sex gags. Avoid.
General release from Fri 9 Mar.

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