The Guard Post (3 stars)

The Guard Post


(18) 120min

South Korea certainly has a healthy film industry. As the American magazine Film Comment mused when the wave of their films first crashed on American shores – ‘is there actually more bilge than brine in the splash?’ The Guard Post is mainly bilge, as R-Point director Su-chang Gong offers a knowing work that owes much to the nation on whose shores it crashed – Alien, Dawn of the Dead and The Thing. But it is a film that never quite plays up the no-exit aspect of the claustrophobic horror film.

As a military investigator and army platoon go to a remote border bunker that has ceased contact with the outside world, so the bloodbath begins and the body count rises. The film has a great location concept: the labyrinthine bunkers (here set built) utilised by the South Koreans during the Cold War, protecting their border from the North, but it seems finally more interested in the grisliness of the goo. Extras include behind the scenes docs.

(Cine Asia)

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