Faintheart (1 star)


(12A) 91min


If ever there was an argument that the business of popular filmmaking should be left to the professionals Faintheart is it. The result of an initiative by MySpace, Vertigo Films and Film4 to ‘harness the collective creativity of the world’s largest online community’, Faintheart is a witless loser-comedy that simply serves to reinforce Wilde’s mantra that ‘democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.’

Clearly written by people who believe British cinema is best exemplified by Richard Love, Actually Curtis and Simon Shaun of the Dead Pegg, Faintheart is set in the world of battle re-enactments and follows the attempts of Viking Warrior Readmund the Just aka Richard (Eddie Marsan) to win back his understandably disaffected wife (Jessica Hynes).

Funny and heartwarming? Not for a moment, but there are a few decent scenes of geeky abandon (most of them featuring Ewen Bremner as ‘Trekkie’ Julian). No, the most interesting thing about Faintheart is its unusual production history and progressive release pattern (more information at www.myspace.com/faintheartthemovie), if nothing else it’s a laudable experiment which one day could create a decent film.

Selected release from Tue 27 Jan. Available to download at www.myspace.com/faintheartthemovie from Tue 27 Jan. Available on DVD from Mon 2 Feb.

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