Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11 (4 stars)

Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11

However you might feel about conspiracy theories Franco Fracassi and Francesco Tre's documentary does leave one with food for thought. In it, such notable figures as Dario Fo and Gore Vidal, along with various aircrash investigators, physicists and ex-CIA folk present a series of cases about various aspects of that terrible day when the US government declared war on anyone who didn't agree with it.

So exhaustive is the filmmaker's coverage of the event, you can pick or choose which aspects of the conspiracy with which you concur. While there seems to be some need for further investigation of such things as the missing plane wreck at the Pentagon and the 'terrorist' passport that miraculously escaped a head-on collision with the South Tower, other aspects of the event might well be covered up to obfuscate nothing more sinister than the incompetence of a Pentagon that had grown fat on a bloated defence budget, something that hasn't entirely occurred to the makers. The documentary is presented in a nicely paced form, with plenty of first-hand testimony, making for a compelling, if at times not completely credible watch. Minimal extras.

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