Sukiyaki Western Django (3 stars)

Sukiyaki Western Django


Japanese auteur Takashi Miike puts the wanton bloodletting and cruelty of Audition and his Dead and Alive series aside for this tongue-in-cheek spaghetti western. Throw in an acting turn from Quentin Tarantino, returning the favour for Miike's cameo appearance in the Tarantino-produced horror Hostel , an English speaking Japanese cast, and a yellow/orange cinematographic pallet and this is undeniably a hyper-real universe.

The story takes place in a village where two rival clans (the red and the white) stand off against each other, in search of a fabled treasure when a hotshot gunman rides into town. There's also a revenge story in here somewhere as well, which at least allows for the best moment in the film: an impressively yet simply choreographed 'grief dance'. Special features include deleted scenes and a Q&A with Tarantino.

(15) 94min
(Contender DVD retail)

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