The Lady in White (3 stars)

The Lady in White

Even though writer and director Frank LaLoggia mixes supernatural and thriller elements, in this 1988 film, to cheat the audience (especially in the climax), this 1988 film is genuinely entertaining. Lukas Haas is the young boy with the vivid imagination living in a small American town. However, with a serial murderer afoot the town is full of suspicion as the film also adds social enquiry to the mix. With the black janitor arrested as the suspected killer, LaLoggia's early 60s-set film cuts to images on TV of the first black student going to university in Mississippi: the times are changing, but is the clearly innocent janitor going to be the victim of old style racism? There's an impressively handled moment of horrible violence that will probably shock an audience accustomed to the generally benign mood. This Director's Cut DVD of the film has minimal extras.

(15) 108min
(Optimum DVD retail)

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