Stomp The Yard (2 stars)

(12A) 114min

After the death of his younger brother, LA street dancer DJ (Columbus Short) avoids blame and recrimination by enrolling in the historically African-American Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. Once there, however, he finds a whole different type of performance dancing going on in the frat houses. But will he become the master of this new form and show the young snobs in the frat houses how it is done, or will he just chase the girls?

Set in some weird parallel universe where the souls of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks can be equated with a few tasty moves in a ‘krumping’ arena, Stomp the Yard is both appalling and jaw dropping (while being mildly watchable).

All good intentions aside (the film has a very curious and earnest message about honouring your heritage), Stomp the Yard is essentially Charles Stone III’s 2003 varsity street drummer flick Drumline without the oilskins. Throw in uneven measures of Spike Lee’s School Daze and John Singleton’s Higher Learning and you’ve a got a wooden vat of steaming clichés.

Stomp the Yard

  • 2 stars
  • 2007
  • US
  • 1h 54min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Sylvain White
  • Written by: Robert Adetuyi, Gregory Anderson
  • Cast: Columbus Short, Meagan Good, Ne-Yo, Darrin Henson, Brian White, Laz Alonso, Valarie Pettiford, with Harry Lennix, and introducing, Chris Brown, as 'Duron'

After the death of his younger brother, LA street dancer DJ (Short) avoids blame by enrolling in the traditional Truth University. They introduce him to a new style of dancing and the inevitable dance-offs ensue. Both appalling and jaw dropping in equal measure.

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