The Baxter

The Baxter

(PG) 87min (Momentum DVD)


This likeably old fashioned comedy showcasing the talents of comic actors Michael Showalter (who also writes and directs), Paul Judd, Justin Theroux and a pre-Brokeback Mountain Michelle Williams has taken four years to cross the pond. And yet it is better than many of the US romcoms that have.

Up tight but kooky tax accountant Elliot Sherman (Showalter) has always been on the losing end of love but then he meets his dream woman – beautiful magazine editor Caroline (Elizabeth Banks). Things start to go wrong when her long lost high school sweetheart (Theroux) turns up. There is also the little matter of the odd new girl at his work (Williams).

Breezy, amusing and containing a handful of decent one-liners and some great sight gags, The Baxter reaches back to Hawks’ His Girl Friday and Wilder’s The Apartment to create an unusually retro family entertainment. Minimal extras.

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