DVD - The Ultimate Film Noir Collection (5 stars)

The Ultimate Film Noir Collection

(12) 909min (Pinnacle Vision DVD retail)


Although his fiction made a huge contribution to post-war American cinema via others’ screenplay adaptations, Raymond Chandler only wrote two films himself: The Blue Dahlia and (with Billy Wilder) Double Indemnity. Both feature in this excellent collection.

The Blue Dahlia is more notable for its murder mystery convolutions than the atmospherics of Siodmark’s 1946 The Killers. And while it doesn’t embrace the fatalism of Tourneur’s Out of the Past, it boasts a pair of dazzling leads in Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, who also appear in This Gun for Hire and The Glass Key. Ladd and Lake were as fine a pairing as Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer in Out of the Past (who also play cat and mouse in The Big Steal), or Mitchum and Gloria Graeme, here in Crossfire. The collection is completed with Murder, My Sweet, the first screen adaptation of the hardboiled Philip Marlowe stories penned by Chandler. Extras include The Best of Film Noir documentary.

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