DVD - Round-up


The Bigas Luna Boxset (Tartan, 4 Stars) is a filthy, compelling collection of the great Spanish filmmaker’s best films, Golden Balls, Jamon Jamon, The Tit And The Moon and The Ages of Lulu. One of cinema’s great living erotic iconoclasts Luna was also responsible for bringing Penelope Cruz, Maria De Medieros (from Pulp Fiction) and Benicio Del Toro into public consciousness, so let’s hear it for the crazy old Catalan. The very curious Michael Caine Collection (Prism Leisure, 3 Stars) features just two of the great actor’s films, this is actually a rare opportunity to revisit a couple of Caine’s less well known films, namely Robert Aldrich’s 1970 Pacific island set WWII epic Too Late the Hero and Joseph Losey’s commendable blocked writer drama (scripted by Tom Stoppard) The Romantic Englishwoman from 1975. Both films are well transferred but there are no extras here at all. In terms of value for money, this certainly won’t blow your doors off.

And so to the long overdue DVD re-release of Leonard Kastle’s superb 1968 mass murdering lovers-on-the-run drama The Honeymoon Killers (Slam Dunk, 4 Stars). If you thought stylish serial killer films that were purportedly based on fact began with Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, then this is well worth a look. The tragically short-lived Michael Reeves’ second and last film Witchfinder General (Prism Leisure, 4 Stars) gets a very welcome cheapo release but what we would really like to see is a complete Reeves collection illuminating this promising filmmaker’s earlier horror works.

Also Richard Jobson’s bravely ambitious Edinburgh-set tale of love and quantum physics A Woman in Winter (Tartan, 3 Stars) premieres in disc form this fortnight with enjoyable extras including a lucid director’s commentary (boy can this man talk!) and a fascinating storyboard featurette.

And finally Edgar Reitz’ seminal generational epic mini series Heimat 1 & 2 (Tartan, 5 Stars) gets another release for those who wish to stay indoors (that’s almost 2500 minutes of viewing).

Next week we will be doing it for the ladies with female space warriors, campus lesbians, and bored housewives and much more besides.

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