Meet the Mobsters (3 stars)

Meet the Mobsters

(15) 85min (Fremantle DVD retail)


‘Missing The Sopranos?’ yells the blurb for this freewheeling crime caper. Well, just because Larry Blamire’s film features a gondola-full of the mob show’s cast either subverting or platforming their previous screen personae doesn’t mean it bares much of a resemblance to David Chase’s epic drama.

John Fiore plays a failing lounge singer Johnny Slade as a cross between Sinatra and Elvis (somewhat ironic given that Fiore’s Sopranos character died on the toilet). Regrettably, Slade’s sensational comeback is under the pay of Mr Samantha (Vincent Curatola) who insists he performs a new song each night, which turn out to be less than subtle messages to Samantha’s crew to whack someone. Before Slade can escape, the Irish mob and the Feds attempt to get their lyrics into his set. Curatola effectively steals the movie as Mr Samantha (Johnny Sack with extra layers of threatening sarcasm) while the film (with a trailer as its lone DVD extra) offers a couple of laugh-out-loud moments to alleviate the plot’s sillier meanderings.

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