Operation Valkyrie (3 stars)

Operation Valkyrie

(E) 76min (Anchor Bay DVD retail)


Just when you thought it was safe to dispel the image of an eye-patched Tom Cruise from your mind; here comes the documentary story of the doomed plot to kill Hitler in 1944. Set to an inappropriately throbbing soundtrack which could best be described as ‘90s trance-porn’ and virtually ruined by its gravelly American voiceover (a Ken Branagh or Ralph Fiennes might have worked better), this mixed bag of a documentary crams together some irritating CGI, bland reconstructions, excellent archive footage and intriguing talking head stuff from historians Ian Kershaw and Roger Moorhouse.

A wealth of extras includes Eva Braun’s saucy yet silent holiday films (you get to see Hitler do that camp little dance twice), footage of the show trials that followed the failed assassination and an analysis of the other inside attempts to rid Germany and the world of the Nazi demon.

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