Driftwood (3 stars)


(15) 86min (Anchor Bay DVD rental/retail)


Wrestling man mountain Diamond Dallas Page might not seem like the kind of brute you’d want to mess with, but in films like Driftwood, the big guy always falls that bit harder. And in this movie Goliath is taken on by little David Forrester (Ricky Ullman) with the action taking place inside a readjustment centre for naughty juvenile boys. Having given his folks one problem too many in the wake of his brother’s death, they decide that a spell inside Driftwood might do their boy some good, but little do they know that a regime of terror awaits him. Still, hope might be on hand when the ghost of a former inmate visits David.

A fairly predictable romp (with plenty behind-the-scenes footage among the DVD extras) which is less chilling than it thinks it is but just about keeps the interest bubbling until its vengeful, fist-pumping finale.

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