Female Prisoner Scorpion Trilogy (4 stars)

Female Prisoner Scorpion Trilogy

(18) 266min (Eureka DVD retail)


No one makes films like the Japanese filmmaker Shunya Ito, and his early 1970s exploitation film trilogy about the travails of a sexy young female prisoner Matsu (Meiko Kaji) are very likely to be his abiding legacy, in the West at least. It was to these films that Quentin Tarantino looked for the overt iconography, freeform feminism and use of music that informs his Kill Bill films.

Perverse, violent, hallucinatory and just plain odd, this collection is a necessary purchase for anyone interested in cult cinema, especially those films that came out of the land of the rising sun in the 1970s (a seminal era for cult Japanese thrillers and pornography). This cherishable set comes with a colour insert featuring a new essay on these films by Scottish resident and cult film distribution guru Matt Palmer.

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