Incendiary (2 stars)


(15) 96min (Optimum DVD retail)


The tale of a guilt-ridden mother losing her young son and husband to a suicide bomb attack should make for unbearably emotional viewing. Instead, it’s more likely you’ll be watching through your hands on account of the ham-fisted approach and cack-handed delivery of most concerned. Maybe that’s simply what happens when you put such sensitive material into the hands of the director who brought us Bridget Jones’ Diary.

DVD extras are limited to interviews with cast, crew and Chris Cleave, the author of the original novel. Most of these are done tastefully enough in a studio setting. Ewan McGregor conducts his chat outside with a massive car in the background, giving the impression that he couldn’t wait to get this over and done with so he could whizz off on his next crazy road trip.

Incendiary: trailer

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