The Adventures of White Tuft (3 stars)

The Adventures of White Tuft

(PG) 75min

‘Beavers in peril’ might sound like an unsavoury adult movie franchise, but it could in fact have worked as a neat subtitle for this documentary which aims for cuddly cutesy in one scene, bloody terrifying in the next. Clearly attempting to cash in three years too late on the March of the Penguins phenomenon, this Canadian production follows the travails of a lost semi-aquatic rodent whose life comes under threat from snakes, fire and the wolves who ate his dad (off-camera, thankfully).

The ultimate message of this extras-free film isn’t ‘ain’t mother nature brutal?’ or ‘shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to save the little fellas?’ It isn’t even ‘don’t they look a bit like Timothy Spall?’ No, all you will take from this is that beavers simply aren’t as aesthetically adorable as penguins.

(Optimum DVD retail)

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