F**k (2 stars)


(18) 93min

The word ‘fuck’ is uttered some 800 times over the course of this US documentary from 2005. In doing so, it boringly negates the central point: that the f-word continues to wield an inherently volcanic power. Yet, as Drew Carey remarks at the conclusion, ‘where is the ‘cunt’ documentary?’ Now there’s a film that would be worth seeing (and hearing).

Taking its lead from The Aristocrats, this brings together a raft of contrary and predictable opinions from within the US cultural heartland (Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo, Steven Bochco, Ice-T, Michael Medved among many, many others), allied to masses of archetypal footage from the likes of Lenny Bruce, Tony Soprano, Howard Stern and George Bush, leaving you utterly punch drunk. Fuck is dedicated to one of the doc’s less coherent participants, Hunter S Thompson, who soon afterwards shot himself in the head, leaving his family to discover the corpse. There’s only one word to describe that.

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