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The List Film Discussion Podcast

It’s good to talk. Paul Dale introduces Film Talk, The List’s new film discussion podcast

You may have noticed that here at The List, we love movies. We don’t care if they’re contemporary or old, blockbuster or art house, we just want to witter on about them, compare them to each other and rejoice in all those spools of celluloid accumulated in the hundred plus years since cinema’s creation. If movies were baths, our skin would be prune-like, milky and bloated, such is our wish to submerge ourselves in all things cinematic.

The point has come when the written word cannot contain our enthusiasm any more, so we’ve come up with the idea of releasing a monthly film discussion podcast – and we want you to join in.

Once a month we chose a film which is about to be, or is on, current release. Then we choose a panel, made up of List readers, our very best writers, Scottish celebrities, MSPs, people off the street and anyone else who has nothing better to do. Panel assembled, we’ll work out a way for everyone to watch that month’s movie, and then all get together to chat, argue, whinge, deliberate and possibly board a rollercoaster of emotion as we dissect it. The session will be recorded and then posted on for your feedback and open derision.

We’re going to start small, in the hope that it will grow from there, so to give you a better idea we are recording the first Film Talk with some critics we found down the Job Centre. For our first film we have chosen Sugar, the new feature by Sundance film festival darlings Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (pictured, left). Sugar details one gifted young baseball player’s trajectory from the villages of the Dominican Republic to America. Boden and Fleck’s past successes include the remarkable schoolteacher-on-drugs melodrama Half Nelson (which starred method man Ryan Gosling) so our hopes are high. The Sugar edition of Film Talk should be available on our website soon.

A final note on the panel. We’re not necessarily looking for intellectuals or academics. We just want individuals with a passion for film who can blether eloquently and entertainingly. If you think that sounds like you and you want to get involved in a future podcast then email us at and tell us why you would be suitable to be on our discussion panel. There are no age restrictions (apart from those impinged by the certification of the chosen feature) and all recordings will be made at either our Edinburgh or Glasgow offices.

So contact us now and let us make you the critic. We can’t pay you but we can give you tea and biscuits and a free copy of The List for your time, and who knows, it may be the beginning of a glittering broadcast career.

Sugar is on selected release from Fri 19 Jun. Listen to Film Talk at Info on future Film Talk discussions will be flagged up in the magazine and online. If you want to take part contact