Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise Of The Black Panther (3 stars)

(12A) 70 min (Lionsgate)

Taking its cues from Mark Millar’s The Ultimates, Marvel returns to the animated world with the second part of their Ultimate Avengers series. The alien menace has now reached Africa and is threatening the small but technically advanced nation of Wakanda, which is ruled over by none other than the Black Panther. From there on in it’s full on alien warfare as the Avengers assemble to battle a threat of global proportions.

Marvel so almost get it right. It’s a classic Avengers line-up of Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man and Wasp (with notable guest spots from The Hulk and Nick Fury). But they never quite get a handle on appealing to both kids and adult fans; some of the voicing and plotting is leaden and the artwork is solid if unremarkable. However if you’re already an Avengers fan this is pretty entertaining, though the first part was far superior. Extras include featurettes, gag reel, DVD game and sneak peeks at Iron Man and Dr Strange.

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