Hellboy (3 stars)

Hellboy: Sword Of Storms

(12) 78 min (Anchor Bay)


The first of three feature length television cartoons adapted from Mike Mignola’s marvellous comic book series, Sword of Storms takes Hellboy and his Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence colleagues east to Japan where they duke it out with a pair of elemental demons and an ancient samurai warrior.

It’s a watered down version of the original comics, geared towards newcomers and kids, and the uneven animation doesn’t do justice to Mignola’s atmospheric artwork. But the cast of the Hellboy live action blockbuster (Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Doug Jones) are back onboard, and their vocal talents give this animated cousin a degree of credibility, particularly Perlman’s Hellboy who enjoys self-consciously pulpy lines like, ‘There’s no upside to cutting the undead any slack.’ Plenty of extras including a reasonably illuminating commentary by Mignola and a swathe of Making Of documentaries.

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