Karas (3 stars)

Karas: The Prophecy

(12) 90 min (Manga Entertainment)


From the opening battle sequence, the action scenes in Karas are a retina-searing blend of CGI and slick animation with dazzling sci-fi imagery and videogame aesthetics. Edited at a dizzyingly fast pace, it’s just a shame that when the action eases off the throttle the art quality slows with it. The story revolves around a hi-tech warrior, Karas, and his battle against blood sucking robotic demons that are threatening earth. As is customary with all Manga there’s a large dose of baffling eastern mysticism and notions of honour.

While stunning in places (and they’ve even managed to secure some Hollywood voice talent such as Matthew Lillard and Piper Perabo), it’s too confused to be truly gratifying. Future instalments should help round out the story. The DVD comes with an exclusive Karas comic, featurettes, concept animation and English and original Japanese versions.

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