DVD - Bridging The Gap: Lies (4 stars)

Bridging The Gap: Lies

(E) 58min (Scottish Documentary Institute DVD retail)


This collection of short documentaries from the all too often undervalued and under funded Scottish Documentary Institute serves as a welcome taster for the excellent work executed by this organisation. The best of the films here is probably Rückenlage/Upside Down which narrates and visualises the letters that Rudolf Hess sent home during the 1941 solo mission he made to Scotland. This is an accomplished and generally superior film to the Dutch director Astrid Bussink’s multi award-winning debut short The Angelmakers. Also included is Peter Everett’s fascinating The Big Lie, which utilises archive footage while interviewing a Scottish veteran from the Spanish Civil War about his memories of that time. Mentiras by Nick Higgins is a 13 minute film containing the confession of a man to human rights crimes committed with the backing of the Mexican government during a supposed ceasefire between the Mexican government and the Zapatistas after 1995. Accompanying the testimony are images of Mexico City, carefully and meditatively framed. It is a giddying and memorable journey into the most troubled of consciences.

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